Antonyms Bingo


The classic and popular bingo game adapted to teach your kids about opposite words. This multiplayer game is a bestseller from our A.G.E.S series and will boost the urge to learn in your young one while increasing knowledge, enhancing social skills and honing critical
Conquer the world of words with this bingo game tournament based on opposite words.
Ideal for home, classroom activities, birthday party, or playdates with cousins and friends!
_ Boosts knowledge
_ Improves visual-spatial coordination
_ Hones interpersonal skills through social play
_ Enhances critical thinking
_ Rewarding and motivating to boost curiosity
AGE: 6-11 years
Playtime: 15-20 minutes
Number of Players: 2-8
_ A Bingo Board
_ 8 reusable bingo word-tickets
_ 35 bingo cards
_ The joy of a toy!

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