About Us

Welcome to KindeRVish!

Through Kindervish we want to give you an opportunity to gift a great present that will be greatly cherished by you and the child forever.

We allow the child and the parent to make a wish list, that we will then share with the invitees. As per their budget, the invitee can select their gift or contribute towards a bigger gift. We will then collect the money from the invitees and deliver the gifts wrapped and labeled to the venue.


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Who we are?

Salomi Parekh – a fashion designer by profession is very creative and enthusiastic mother. She has a designer label Mystique to her credit. She loves to bring new experiences to her child and is our designated FBI Chief to unearth lovely books and exciting new toys.

Jaini Patel – is a triple degree holder, MBA, Engineer & MOTHER to her twin babies. Post her banking stint with a multinational bank this is her own independent entrepreneurial venture. She loves to take her kids on magical journeys through the world of books and games.

Why do we do it?

We hope to bring a great joy and a big smile to every child’s face and to make their special day a little more special!

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